Former Tory MP Rory Stewart confesses he would serve in Labour gov | Theatre | Entertainment

Last night, Centrist Dads descended upon the Royal Albert Hall for Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart’s The Rest Is Politics Live.

The UK’s most popular podcast prides itself on having a member of the centre-left and centre-right debating the latest political discourse, although its critics often point out there isn’t much that the pair disagree on.

It’s little surprise then that all eyes were on the former Tory MP and almost Prime Minister when asked by Tony Blair’s old spin doctor how he would vote in the 2024 General Election.

The Old Etonian and once tutor to Princes William and Harry smirked and reminded his co-host that it was “a secret ballot”.

That was before he ended up later confessing to Campbell, who made his usual bashing of this very publication at one point, that he would defect to the Labour Party on one particular condition.

Campbell asked Stewart if, hypothetically, a Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer asked him to be a Labour government minister from the House of Lords, what would his co-host say?

To rapturous applause from the Centrist Dad faithful, the man who could have been elected Conservative Prime Minister in 2019 confirmed without hesitation: “Yes.”

Hardly surprising really, but if Stewart does indeed defect to Labour, what would the point of The Rest Is Politics be without its original USP going forward?

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