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Fortnite fans are counting down to the release of Epic’s new rhythm action experience Fortnite Festival. Developed by the studio behind Rock Band, Fortnite Festival has a December 9 release date and a 3pm GMT UK launch time. Similar to Rocket Racing, the new game mode will go live alongside the shop reset, which means no further updates or downtime is required.

According to Epic Games, Fortnite Festival will give fans the chance to play in a band with friends, or as a solo artist.

Epic explains more: “Fortnite Festival is a new music game where players can play in a band with friends or perform solo on stage with hit music by their favourite artists.

“Built by Harmonix, the studio behind the iconic music game Rock Band, Festival marks the beginning of music gaming in Fortnite.

“The Weeknd will kick off Fortnite Festival Season 1 as the game’s first Music Icon when the game goes live December 9, 2023.”

Fans can find Fortnite Festival by visiting the Discover screen within Fortnite, visiting the “By Epic” section and selecting Fortnite Festival.

As you can see from the gameplay video below, Fortnite Festival shares similarities with Rock Band, as players hit notes in time with the music.

The soundtrack includes songs by the likes of All American Rejects, Billie Eilish, The Cranberries, Fall Out Boy and Nine Inch Nails.

That’s on top of multiple tracks by The Weekend, as well as Buddy Holly by Weezer, Go with the Flow by Queens of the Stone Age, and Mr Brightside by The Killers.

The songs will be on rotation over the coming days, with additional songs and artists to follow.

The release of Fortnite Festival follows the launch of the hugely popular LEGO Fortnite, as well as arcade racer Rocket Racing.

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