What Is “Snaccident”? Mouni Roy Shares The Definition

Picture this – You have stashed snacks in your pantry, but when you try reaching out for them, the pantry was all empty. If yes, then let us tell you, it is because you just had a few snaccidents. Now, you must be wonder what is snaccident. Well, it is a foodie term used to describe all the times you gorged on your snacks accidentally. Relatable? Well, you aren’t alone. It turns out our favourite celebrities are no different from us when it comes to feasting on snacks. Mouni Roy, who is a passionate foodie, has just confessed to having had a few snaccidents herself. The actress on Sunday re-shared a meme post that said, “Ever happened to you?” Just below the text, the post featured a picture that says, “Snaccident” at the header, and its meaning read, “When you eat all the snacks by accident.” Agreeing to it, Mouni wrote, “All the time,” and ended with a crying emoticon.
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Mouni Roy is a true foodie. Don’t believe us? Go take a sneak peek at her social media timeline where she often talks about her love for food. Remember her recent Dubai vacation? It was nothing less than a feast for foodie eyes. The actress shared a series of pictures and videos on her Instagram Stories. Mouni’s morning feast began with a jug brimming with creamy milk and another with coffee ice cubes. Sounds like a summer breakfast dream right? Mouni’s breakfast shenanigans continued with a fun Boomerang. In the playful video, the actress was seen mixing the coffee ice cubes and creamy milk using a spoon. Needless to say, with each swirl, Mouni was curating her version of the ultimate iced coffee delight.
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Mouni Roy’s breakfast tales left our taste buds envious. In the next slide, Mouni shared a glimpse of her drool-worthy multi-layered honey cake with decadent icing. The picture showed a juicy raspberry sitting pretty on top of it.
Mouni Roy wrapped her breakfast escapade on a healthy note. The next slide showed the actress’ commitment towards nourishment, as she was seen relishing avocado toast. Wait there is more. The toast is perfectly garnished with green herbs, adding a burst of flavour and visual appeal. Complementing the avocado were two slices of tomato, bringing in the refreshing tanginess.
We cannot wait to get more glimpses of Mouni Roy’s foodie trail.

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