5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Non-Stick Utensils Safe From Unwanted Scratches

We use different pots and pans to cook in the kitchen. Lately, many people are using non-stick ones because they make cooking easy. These pans are great for flipping pancakes, dosas, and making omelettes. Plus, since they have a non-stick coating, you don’t need a lot of oil for cooking. Changing kitchen tools all the time is not easy, and they lose their shine with daily use. But non-stick pans can get damaged faster than others like copper, stainless steel, or iron. If you’re not careful, they can get scratched and have trouble cooking. So, we have some simple tips to help you keep your non-stick pans in good shape and avoid scratches.

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Here Are 5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Non-Stick Utensils from Unwanted Scratches:

1. Tame the Flames

When dancing around your kitchen with nonstick prowess, remember this golden rule: don’t let the flames rage. Exposing your nonstick treasures to high heat is like sending them into a culinary battlefield without armour. Opt for the calm embrace of medium and low heat to keep that coating in pristine condition.

2. Soft Sponge Savior

Your nonstick pan boasts a Teflon shield against food adhesion, but it’s not invincible. Say no to the harsh scrubbing that could mar its surface and erode its protective coating. Embrace the soft side of cleaning with a gentle sponge, ensuring your nonstick warrior stays resilient.

3. Tissue Paper Barrier

In the crowded confines of your kitchen cabinet, where pans jostle for space, create a haven for your nonstick heroes. Introduce a layer of peace – a paper towel or tissue paper – between them. This simple act will fend off scratches, ensuring your nonstick champions endure the test of time.

4. Silicone and Wood to the Rescue

In the heat of culinary combat, arm yourself with the right utensils. Lay aside the metal ladles and spoons; they are the saboteurs of your nonstick army. Instead, wield silicone or wooden spatulas to navigate the battlefield. Your nonstick warriors will emerge unscathed, ready for another culinary triumph.

5. Patience in Washing

After the culinary symphony concludes, resist the urge to hastily dunk your nonstick pan into the icy waters of the sink. Let it bask in the afterglow of cooking glory and cool down naturally. Only then shall you embark on the gentle cleansing ritual with mild soap, ensuring your nonstick gladiator remains unharmed.

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Embrace these kitchen commandments, and your nonstick cookware will stand the test of time. Let your culinary adventures unfold without the fear of scratches, and may your nonstick pans continue to shine bright in the gastronomic arena!

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