For The Love Of Chai: 6 Things Only A True Chai Lover Will Relate To

Chai is not just a mere beverage; it’s an emotion. For many of us, it is an essential part of our daily routine. We like to start our day with chai, have it in between, and sometimes even end it with chai. Let’s just say we find reasons to have a cup of chai. And on days when we’re unable to have it, we usually don’t feel our best. As a chai enthusiast, there are certain things that we all relate to. From its taste to the time we prefer to have it or the snacks we want to pair it with – there are several things that we all relate to when it comes to tea sessions. Are you curious to know what these things are? Read on!
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Here Are 6 Things Every Chai Lover Will Relate To:

1. Your morning feels incomplete without chai:

There is something about that morning cup of chai that is truly satisfying. As soon as you take the first sip, it gives you an instant kick of energy and takes away all the drowsiness. It’s like a daily ritual that chai lovers swear by. And on days we’re unable to have it, it feels like something is missing, and we find ourselves getting cranky easily. Sounds relatable, right?

2. You can’t refuse a cup of chai:

We’ve all done this at some point – had chai when we probably didn’t feel like having it (which is a rare occasion). It could be at a relative’s place, a tapri stall, or even at our house. The truth is, whenever someone offers us an extra cup, we find it hard to decline the offer. After all, how can a chai enthusiast miss the opportunity to have it when given one?

3. Biscuit and chai are the best combination:

Another thing that every chai lover would agree on is that chai tastes better with biscuits. And no, we’re not talking about having it separately. Instead, dunk it directly into your cup of hot chai. We’ve all been doing it ever since, and it only makes our tea-time drinking experience more enjoyable. We also usually have a favourite biscuit to do this with. Did someone say Parle-G?

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4. Chai has the power to heal everything:

Feeling low on energy? Feeling sad? Don’t feel like waking up from your bed? Well, a cup of hot kadak is the perfect solution to all these problems. Chai lovers would certainly agree with us on this. No matter what mental state you are in, this beverage somehow has the power to make everything right. It gives us comfort and helps us find peace in the storms of life.
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5. Nothing compares to the taste of tapri chai:

There’s something about tapri chai that makes us keep going back. It’s a go-to choice for people who work at offices. Of course, there is ready-made tea you can get from the machine, but it never truly satisfies. Something or the other is not in the correct proportion. Whereas, the one that you get from a tapri seems to get it all right.

6. You crave chai when its raining outside:

If it’s raining outside, it goes without saying that you’ll be sipping on a cup of chai. It’s almost like a reflex action. You hear the pitter-patter of the rain outside, and you instantly rush to your kitchen to make yourself chai. It’s a feeling that provides solace, and we can never really imagine rainy days without chai in our hands.

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Which of these points do you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments section below!

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