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India has strengthened its position as a land of contrasts with a rich and diverse culture, stunning scenery and vibrant festivals. India promises an unforgettable experience for travellers so, are you planning a trip to India this summer?

India in summer: 5 travel tips to ensure memorable and enjoyable trip (Photo by Third Eye Traveller)

The Indian subcontinent experiences extremes in temperature throughout the year but summers are a different phenomenon altogether. In these times, visitors/travellers who are travelling to India can have a hard time, provided that they don’t get properly guided in terms of making the most out of their trip.

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This is why it is important to plan carefully and be aware of the potential challenges you may face. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Harish Khatri, Founder and MD at India Assist, suggested a few tips for travellers visiting India during the summer months –

1. Travel without worries with medical assistance: Ensuring your health is a top priority while travelling. India’s geography coupled with the lively cities present a number of opportunities for exploration. However, the intense Indian summer may require more than just being hydrated and protected. Travellers can get access to a travel assistance provider and get prompt medical assistance, support — in case they experience any health issues or medical concerns.

2. Be prepared with lost and found services: Travellers may give way to new unexpected occurings or instances when they travel to a new place or country. Keep an account of your belongings, and be as alert & proactive when heading into uncharted territories. It is generally a good practice. However, in the event of losing your belongings or facing other unforeseen challenges, travel assistance providers can offer all round lost and found services to help locate and recover your items swiftly.

3. Overcoming language barriers with 24×7 help desk: India is a goldmine for travellers looking to dive deep into the rich amalgamation of cultures and traditions. As a traveller, you get the chance to engage with locals, savour regional cuisines, and participate in vibrant festivals. For travellers pulled down by communication challenges, owing to language barriers posing a hurdle — getting access to a 24×7 help desk by a reliable travel assist company can be a smart move, as languages & the cultures keep changing with every mile in India.

4. Emergency transit for the safety: There are travellers who like moving around bustling markets or hovering through high footfall tourist spots, without breaking a sweat. However, things can go haywire or take turns for a chaotic encounter, so it is important to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Emergency transit assistance gives you that extra bit of liberty to be carefree when travelling across a country like India that’s an amalgamation of various cultures and diversities. Knowing that you can have transit help available is a different boon altogether and thus, comes in handy.

5. Police support for peace of mind: Travellers often attract unwanted attention as well, and there can be times that it can get bothersome for you. Police support can be handy for a foreign travellers coming to India during summers, because this way — they may travel freely knowing that they are protected. An ideal travel assistance company can be the bridge between you and the police, providing necessary support when you need the most.

Harish Khatri said, “The aforesaid tips, alongside making the most out of a travel assistance company in India can enable you to set yourself on an amazing journey to the beautiful country even during the hottest months of the year. Travellers can book high quality travel assistance service by contacting tour and travel operators or get the help of travel agents to do the same for them. An able travel assistance partner can help you pack your bags and set yourself up on a journey that is worth the time and resources.”

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