Small $300 Investment Into ICO of Ethereum Blockchain’s ‘New Bitcoin’ Could Return Huge US$30000 

Mollars token presale is now live on the official website with thousands of dollars pouring in from investors weekly. If unfamiliar, the new store of value token is being hailed as the future of the ERC-20 world and the Ethereum Blockchain’s ‘New Bitcoin.’ And that hype for the new Initial Coin Offering could land $300 shrimp investors a massive $30,000 return on investment.

The reason for such an increase in value is the core values of this new ERC-20 cryptocurrency.

In 2024 Mollars will be launched on a top cryptocurrency exchange and ownerless, following crypto’s core principle of true decentralization. And just as Bitcoin, which is now worth close to US$50,000,  Mollars has a limited supply. As more people buy the token, it will be driven up in value.  And most importantly, there’s great reasoning as to why Ethereum token holders will buy it.

Why Ethereum blockchain users will buy $MOLLARS

First, the Ethereum Blockchain needs a ‘store of value’ coin on its network. Users who buy Bitcoin but prefer the ERC-20 world lose money in cross-chain transactions. By having an ‘SOV’ token on the Ethereum block, crypto traders can save money. 

Second, true decentralization means no ownership. This principle helps stop price manipulation from cryptocurrency owners who are holding massive amounts of tokens in wallets that they ‘hide’ or make public since the Initial Coin Offering stage aka ‘inception of a cryptocurrency.’ 

Founders of Shiba Inu, Solana, and as much as 90% of the crypto world that have post-CEX launch ownership indulge in such practices. Mollars will not and all tokens owned by crypto traders will be garnered through purchase.

Last, there will be a major effort to boost the branding value and popularity of the $Mollars token. The official white papers for the digital currency include plans to hire a professional marketing team with ICO funding alongside building a web3 product that will catalyze growth. This will be an effort to help Mollars tokens gain traction against Bitcoin in terms of branding value and equity.  

Ethereum blockchain needs a Store of Value token.
 Ethereum blockchain needs a Store of Value token

How  Many Crypto Traders Use The Ethereum Blockchain that Mollars is on?

Over 200 million unique addresses are registered to the Ethereum blockchain. There are over 122 million $ETH tokens in circulation, which is 10x the amount of Bitcoin. If only 1% of the unique wallets on the Ethereum blockchain were to choose the Mollars token as their ‘store of value’ before its launch, this would be 2 million users buying ICO tokens.

Two million is a high estimate, however. A more realistic number for an ERC-20 token to reach pre-CEX listing is 100,000.  That’s only a fifth of the 1% of unique wallets registered to the Ethereum blockchain. 

If 100,000 users buy 125 tokens each, over 12-million Mollars tokens would be held by investors.  That’s an average investment of under $50 per trader.   

12M presale tokens being annexed by investors would mean that the total supply of $MOLLARS would be privately held.  Only 10-million tokens will be minted ever. The oversell would mean that fractional tokens would be what’s left.  1/100th of a $Mollar will be referred to as a ‘Moll.’ 

How can a $300 cryptocurrency investment get a $30,000 ROI? 

Like Bitcoin has the fractional token ‘Satoshi,’  Mollars will have the “Moll.’ Once being sold into fractions, early investors that have an entire $Mollar token would likely see the whole coin’s value eclipse US$1000. That is a huge 100x ROI on investments. A mere $300 presale purchase today would potentially be worth US$30,000.

buy mollars token

While this may seem ‘high,’ the 100x increase is not unheard of in Cryptos. In fact, it’s not even uncommon. Just last year, the Pepe token soared to over 8000% above its Initial Coin offering price.   Another token, Golden Inu, saw +2500% gains on its bep-20 token and may rocket even further in 2024.  The $Golden token is required for the new play-to-earn crypto game “Golden Inuverse.”

While Mollars estimates are only an ‘estimate,’ the formula used to create such theories is generated from prior Bitcoin trajectories and historical facts. Therefore while it cannot be credited as ‘financial advice,’ the $1000 token value prediction is from reliable analysts that use factual data.

Overall, watching the Mollars Initial Coin Offering [see here] is a great idea for crypto traders & investors holding Ethereum going into 2024.  Those who invest US$300 or more could see high enough returns to pay for a major bill or gift.  The ‘New Bitcoin’ of the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem could be one of the best returns on investments of the year, surpassing any returns to be garnered by novelty coins such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Pepe, and a greater percentage of the crypto market.

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